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The whole history of art should be known and inspiring for an artist if he wants to build a new fragment of art history. So I’ve studied the history and philosophy of the arts for the last 12 years, before I had shown some satisfactory results. During studies my perception of reality changed dramatically several times which is reflected in my early work. My current state of mind: Art is manifested through the ideas of compassion, the rest is decorative art and design.

As for aesthetics, I am fascinated by renaissance, mannerism and baroque. Works of Mantegna, Botticelli, Michelangelo, Bronzino, Rubens and some other old masters, for me the height of perfection. And I'm not very impressed by modern art. I see the degradation in mastery, shallowing of meaning and extinction of aesthetic. We definitely need a new renaissance to stop dehumanisation and it’s must be digital. Thats why I do digital art.

When I started my artistic career, I tried to express my thoughts in different ways: photography, oil, acrylic, but in the end I stopped at digital painting with acrylic or resin finishing of prints. I don’t produce paper prints - the usual medium for digital painting. The surface is very important for my type of image, so I make complex handcrafted finish for each work.

As for the philosophy of my painting, I can describe in this way.
The meaning of the work is manifested in the process of separating the idea from the means of its expression. My means of expression is basically to compose and combine in addition to traditional painting techniques. I combine many pieces of famous works of art in my canvases and bring them together by painting over. But leave them still recognisable. I use as well modern cultural signs and symbols, photography and graphics. Mixing media is my main creative method.

Thus, inside the picture, images interacting with other images, give rise to new meanings and the attentive viewer becomes a co-author in this process. I prefer to make content provocative and confusing at first sight. This should attract the viewer on an emotional level. And if attention is drawn, it’s the turn to get on analytical level and unpack metaphors and allegories. Which tend to be unpleasant and rude but mostly satirical.

I am convinced that cutting edge art overcomes the automatism of our perception and radically violates our expectations regarding art. And the goal is to de-automate the consciousness of the viewer. Ensuring this effect is actually a success not in a commercial, but in an artistic sense.
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