Nataly Mikhailuk

Russia • Moscow and Moscow Oblast • born in 1977 • artist
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Biography and information

My name is Natalie Mikhailuk. I am 44 years old and I live in Russia. I am a pastel painter.
I have been involved in international business for most of my life in the exhibition and language translation industry.

In 2018 I started studying at the School of Architecture and Design (Moscow), Faculty of "Academic Drawing and Painting". In 2021 I successfully defended my diploma.

Already in 2019, I fell in love with dry pastels, and to this day I take lessons from Russian and European pastelists.

I constantly participate in exhibitions of Russian and international level.

Held more than 10 solo exhibitions in the past 2 years.

Author of the projects "Russian Homestead", "Pastel in a Century", "Romance of Railways". Now I'm working on the project "The Urals - the Heart of Russia"

My works are in private and public collections in Russia, Germany, USA, Italy, etc

"I want to share my impressions of the beautiful world in which we live. I found my key to happiness - harmony, tranquility, love. Helping people become happier is what makes me happy and gives me great satisfaction."