Valerievna Pankratova

Russia • Krasnodarskiy Kray • born in 1990 • artist
Maria Pankratova is an artist and supporter of the theory of biophilia, i.e. human love and longing for nature and all living things in general.

Several years ago she experienced a severe lack of nature on herself. It affected her health and emotional state.

Then she decided to move to the countryside and became interested in the connection between the natural environment and humans. Many studies have been found, confirming the beneficial effects of nature on the mental and physical health of people.

This fact prompted Maria to paint landscapes to help those who have little contact with nature and solve their problem through painting.
After all, it is scientifically proven that the real landscape outside the window and the landscape in the picture have a similar effect.

Maria is a member of the Union of Russian Artists, a participant and winner of various Russian and international contests and exhibitions

? 2018 participation in the international competition My Italy, there is a certificate for participation and printing in the catalog My Italy 2018. It is in the photo folder.
? 2020 - 3rd place in the Golden time international competition, "Swan Song" painting

? 2021:
-1st place in the international Golden time competition, painting "Awakening of Spring

- participation in the exhibition "My Land - Russian Land Ornament", Labinsk

? 2022:

- publication in the book Modern Art. Artists of the 21st century. Art Shine Publishing House
- participant of exhibitions "Illusion" and "Color wave" Sochi
- participant of the online exhibition "Russian Season 2022
- participant of the exhibition-competition "Talent of Russia" in Moscow
- participant of the international contest-exhibition Rusartexpo
- 1st place in the international competitions "Japanese stars", "Golden Branch" and "Our summer"
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