France • 1822−1899

Rosa Boner (Rosa Bonheur) - famous French animal painter (1822-1899). The first and only mentor of the girl in painting was her father - a landscape painter. From her youth, the future master knew that the defining theme of her work would be the image of animals. The paintings of the artist Rosa Bonier were professional, which was rare for the 19th century (male craftsmen prevailed in this area). The author exhibited her first work in 1841 at the Salon; the following year she presented her first sculpture to the public. In 1843, the work of the artist received a medal for 3rd place. Later she became the owner of the order from the French government, which led her to great success.

Features of creativity and biography of Rosa Boner

Pictures of Rosa Boehner are painted in the style of academism. Creating your own works, the author:
  • in parallel, studied the anatomy of animals;
  • visited the slaughterhouse;
  • was engaged in preparation.

Thus she led the preparation of detailed sketches for the subsequent writing of pictures. Cloths of the master were especially popular in America and England, the scenes depicted on them perfectly informed the viewer about the life of animals.

Pictures of the artist-animal painter are presented in the virtual catalog of the Arthive Art Gallery.

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