The woman in the window (Treasurer)

Vasily Tropinin • Painting, 1841, 87.5×68 cm
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About the artwork
Art form: Painting
Subject and objects: Portrait
Style of art: Romanticism
Technique: Oil
Materials: Canvas
Date of creation: 1841
Size: 87.5×68 cm
Artwork in selections: 39 selections
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Description of the artwork «The woman in the window (Treasurer)»

It is not known whether Tropinin was inspired to create this portrait painted a few years earlier poem "Tambov Treasurer" or it's contemporaries had already picked up literary plot, former, hearing, sincere and caused General delight of the female form. Anyway, the woman is still called by the Treasurer.

"Tambov Treasurer" - a poem by Mikhail Lermontov with a spicy and dramatic plot: in a provincial regiment arrives Tambov, Ulan, wonderful Treasurer who lives with a grumpy, greedy, bald husband, fell in love with the captain, the captain loved her. With the development of the plot is perfect the characters look even more beautiful, all the hideous stoop to meanness. Treasurer, losing to the lancers all the state puts at stake his wife.

And whether the author of a painting adored in Russia francuz-the sentimentalist Dreams he would have chosen to plot the most emotionally intense moment of the poem, where there is cause for hand-wringing, Grand gestures and fainting. But Tropinin was 65, he's a free Moscow artist and it already ceased to be called "Russian Gresham", it often comes back from Italy Bryullov. Famous in Europe and enthusiastically adopted in Russia, Karl Pavlovich refused to paint portraits in Moscow. "You have your beautiful portrait! Tropinin!" he repeats the Muscovites. But Muscovites already love to his artist, he like no other can create a real image of a person, we know their homes, how it happens in the morning, without a uniform. This type of portrait Tropinin jokingly calls "negligent" and it's a skill valued customers.

Treasurer Tropinin shown in trepidation, in minutes the origin of love, doubt, and a desperate inability to resist temptation. Seeing her husband in the morning, she sits by the window and in the tavern across the room sees the brave Lancer. Is very embarrassed. The next morning, the girl with the hope that opens up the window, just in case dressed and carefully coiffed. That's the whole plot for the genre of the portrait, who likes Tropinin. Unlike the young seamstresses lace and zolotoshveyki early paintings, Treasurer another beautiful, Mature and perfect beauty. The image of her typical, almost magical, but carefully prescribed and designed the details of the dress, scarf, hairstyle, decorations never a hope that such a wonderful, desperately beautiful woman can open some happily caught the eye of Moscow window.

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Author: Anna Sidelnikova