Ivanovich Andronov

Russia • 1929−1998

Painter, honored. hood. Of the RSFSR (1978). He studied at the Repin Institute of arts in (1948-51), he graduated from Moscow. hood. in-t (1954). Lived and worked in Moscow. The representative of the so-called "severe style" in Sov. the art of the 1950-60's. The author of the dramas. landscapes and genre paintings - "the Rafters" (1961), "the Airfield in Kirillov" (1965), "Old village" (1977), "Horses on the lake" (1984), "Winter window" (1990), etc. Mosaic and mural paintings, including "the Man and the seal" (job gas. "Izvestia" in Moscow, jointly. with A. V. Vasnetsov).

Born in Moscow on 30 April 1929 in the family of a scientist-physician. In 1943-1948 studied at the Moscow secondary art school, then entered the Institute named after I. E. Repin in Leningrad. Back in Moscow, continued studies at the Institute named after V. I. Surikov (1952-1954). Lived mainly in Moscow.

He gained fame by painting the Rafters (1961, Tretyakov gallery), which became one of the ISO-manifest "severe style"; official on the topic of "working life" has become here in the image of a proud creative self-affirmation. Strengthened its authority, working as a painter-muralist (mural and mosaic in the interior of the cafe "Pechora" (together with his wife, the painter N..Egorshina; 1967 × 1977), a huge mosaic on the theme of the 1917 revolution on the facade of the cinema "October" (with A. V. Vasnetsov and V. B. by Elkonin; 1967), the mosaic design of the interior of the publishing house "Izvestia" (the Man and the seal, 1978; together with Vasnetsov), the authors of the latter work was awarded the State prize of the USSR in 1979).

However, the main channel of the wizard remained easel creativity associated with creative missions and private visits to "the Outback" (Siberia, 1960; Kostroma and Vologda region, 1960-ies). The main source of motivation for him over the years has become Ferapontovo in Vologda, where he equipped a summer Studio. Images of the Russian North made long-term cycle — coloristic-discreet, dynamic, colorful plastic, dramatic-tense mood (Winter night. Dogs, 1971, Russian Museum; Winter window at night, 1972, fine arts Museum, Arkhangelsk, Fire, 1973, Art gallery, Vologda). In a cycle that is dominated by desolate landscapes, interiors "house-Studio", "rural still life" and the melancholic self-portraits (self-Portrait with roach, 1969, Museum, Istra).

Speaking as administrator, Andronov (which from 1976 was a member of the Presidium of the Moscow Union of artists, Moscow Union of artists, and in 1976-1988 Chairman Moskovskoy section of monumental painting) has made active efforts towards liberalization of Russian artistic life. Died Andronov in Moscow.


Sarabianov, D. V. N. Andronov. M., 1982

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