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Mikhailovich Gerasimov
Typical images of bright, recognizable plots, clear shapes, filled with juicy rich colors — these are pictures artist Alexander Gerasimov. They attract the attention of the viewer for its emotionality, brilliance, and mastery of composition, whether it be a portrait of the statesman, landscape or still life.

Pictures Of Alexander Mikhailovich Gerasimov

The education obtained from such recognized masters of the art, as K. Korovin, A. Arkhipov and V. Serov honed skill of the artist, and interest in the works of the Impressionists helped to make his style fresh and original notes. The talent of the painter has become a driving force, Gerasimov raised to the highest rung of the corporate ladder. Most of the paintings by Alexander Gerasimov — the portraits of well-known Soviet leaders: Lenin, Stalin, Voroshilov, and narrative canvases with them, acquainting the current generation with the realities of the era. The artist also readily painted portraits of intellectuals.

Do not forget the master and the beauty of nature. His landscapes are full of lyrical feelings that encompass every person when you look at the native open spaces. In the paintings of the artist Alexander Gerasimov with all the brightness that shows that Russia, which the painter loved with all my heart.
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