Ivanovich Osin

Russia • born in 1939

Biography and information

He graduated MVHPU (b. Stroganovsky) a workshop of G. M. Korzhev in 1967, a Member of the artists Union of the USSR (Ministry of agriculture) 1970 Awarded the Prize of the Moscow Komsomol, the medal "Veteran of Labour", the State scholarship of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. Since 1966 member of more than one hundred exhibitions, 9 of them personal. Working in the field of monumental-decorative art in the architecture of public (including metro stations in Moscow and N. Novgorod) and private buildings in Moscow and other Russian cities. Is engaged in easel painting and graphics. Works are in state Tretyakov gallery, the Museum of Modern art, the Vologda picture gallery, the Museum of history of Moscow, the Trinity-St. Sergius Museum, Museums of Penza, Bryansk, the city in the collections of MK, USSR MK, Russia and private collections in Russia and abroad. Represented in the directory CX MDI MOA, 2008.

Muralist. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Honored artist of the Russian Federation

1939 – born in Moscow

1962 – graduated from "Moscow Art School

pam. 1905."

1967 – graduated from Moscow higher art industrial College (former. Stroganov

1970 – joined the Moscow Union of Artists

1966 – participated in more than 90 exhibitions in Moscow, Republican, all-Union, foreign, including 13 solo.

Works are in:

The State Tretyakov Gallery

The Museum of Modern art (Moscow)

The Museum Of History Of Moscow

Sergiev Posad Museum reserve

The Vologda picture gallery

in the art galleries and museums, Penza, Komsomolsk on Amur, Bryansk, Chehov, city, Podolsk, and others. In private collections and galleries in Moscow, Russia, England, France, Hungary, USA and other countries.

Oleg Wasp executed a number of monumental - decorative works in architecture and design public and private interiors:

metro station "Mendeleevskaya" in Moscow

metro station "Park Kultury" and "Komsomolskaya". Novgorod, the building of the state radio and television centre, Moldova, Chisinau, sanatorium "Dorokhovo", Moscow region

SGPTU - 22 Illichevsk Ukraine

Artist Oleg Osin works in easel painting, graphics, monumental – decorative art.

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