Italia • 1452−1525
David Ghirlandaio (ital. Davide Ghirlandaio, the name given at birth - David Bigordi (David Bigordi)) — Florentine painter of the Renaissance, brother of the artist Domenico Ghirlandaio(David was working in his Studio, painted together with him in the Sistine chapel).

David Ghirlandaio worked with mosaics. Curiously, Giorgio Vasariin his "Jizneopisaniya" does not approve of such a choice of the artist: "Although David and Benedetto Ghirlandaiohad great talent and could use, they did not go, however, in the field of art for his brother Domenico: it is named after the death of their brother they strayed from the right path, as one of them, Benedetto, a long time wandered, and the other had fractured my brains in vain mosaic."

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