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United Kingdom 
born in XX century

Paula rego Born in Lisbon in 1935. Her parents were Anglophiles - Paula spoke English from infancy, and at 17 she entered the Slade Art School in London.

Throughout his life, Paula Rego passionately supports the Benfica football club (by the way, the artist’s grandfather was one of its founders). As for creativity, here Paula is not so constant: in different periods her manner changed noticeably. When Rego met with the participants of the "London School", she allowed herself some hooligan collages. Later, when she was already an art resident of the National Gallery and the Dame Commander of the British Empire, she quotedCrivelli and Velazquez.

One thing remained unchanged: the ability of Paula to tell her fairy tales is almost always scary and with a difficult but explainable, albeit distinct feminist tinge.
If aBacon andFreud were "artists of the episode," Rego always remained the "artist of narrative": it was more interesting to tell the story than to capture the moment or convey a feeling.

From the publication "London School, author - Andrey Zimoglyadov

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