France • 1841−1895
Berthe Morisot (FR. Berthe Morisot; January 14, 1841, Bourges – March 2, 1895, Paris) – French painter, the only woman who took part in the very first impressionist exhibition. The artist, which is in contrast to her male colleagues graciously accepted at the Paris Salon for six years and has joined the group "Les Miserables", being already known.

The features of creativity of the artist by Berthe Morisot: cozy, family, lyrical subjects of paintings by Berthe Morisot lulled to sleep and gently conceal huge artistic temperament. Taking the basic technical principles of the entire group of artists-Impressionists, Berthe Morisot is often much bolder and sharper in their implementation – an unwritten part of the canvas that causes the sketch large and deliberate brush strokes.

Famous paintings by Berthe Morisot: "At the cradle", "After dinner,", "Eugene Manet with his daughter in the garden", "Eugène Manet on the Isle of Wight", "Straw chair".

About the life of Berthe Morisot, you need to tell the modern women's training was devoted to the harmonious combination of career and vocation with an exceptional reputation, a happy marriage and motherhood. If to all this add the stunning beauty of sincere, devoted friends-artists and writers, active participation in one of the most bold and daring projects in the history of painting, not one seminar participant does not believe that Berthe Morisot is a real person. Decide that this is a myth, invented to illustrate a point.

In fact, all was well.

Berta was one of three daughters of a senior official of Mr. Morisot, the prefect of the city of Bourges. When she was 10 years old my father was offered a prestigious place in the chamber – and the whole family moved to Paris. Sisters received an extensive and surprisingly deep education, and music, literature and painting given special attention.

Berthe Morisot – the artist happy, which was supported by parents and who grew up in the same house with his greatest friend, a fellow artist, and in the future favourite model – with her sister Edmay. To appreciate the feat that made parents Morisot, built in house art Studio for girls, you need to know the peculiarities of the age. It was a time when women were forbidden to study in the school of fine arts, a time when woman was considered indecent to contemplate and even more to write nudity, and write man even dressed not recommended. And they took and built a house real art Studio and gave Berthe and Edma to study painting in the workshop to one of the m Camille Corot.

Corot allows the girls to copy his landscapes, gives invaluable lessons in the open air, and Madame Morisot personally accompanied by daughters at every trip to the Louvre. Berthe and Edma to copy paintings by the great masters, and his mother with their presence protects their reputation – after all, young ladies alone simply indecent to be next to the artists-men. To respect this hard line between internal freedom and external freedom Berthe Morisot and be able to own the mother as a moral guideline it is not necessary.

When in 1869 Berthe Morisot met with one of the main people in my life – with Eduard Manet – she's three years as a successful participant of annual exhibitions in the Salon. But beside mane again become a student and a model, it inspires her for new painting and write 14 her portraits and it will be a long history of deep, passionate and pure relationship between two friends, between two artists, between a man and a woman. Of course, he would not dare to offer anything more Bertha – Manet was already married. In fairness it should be noted that before the presence of his wife did not interfere with the charming artist to have an affair on the side, but Berta does not fit the role of a temporary hobby. She was amazing.

The last portrait by Berthe Morisot Write Manet in 1874 when she married his brother eugène. It will be 33 years old, and Eugene will win her sense of humor and bright attitude to life. He sincerely dedicate their lives to Bertha: will be hanging her paintings at exhibitions, monitor reviews, engage in sales, and a presumptuous critic, even cause for a duel for disrespectful words about his wife.

And critics was something to pozloslovit: the only woman in the circle of "Les Miserables painters and sculptors"! After the first exhibition in 1874, they will mockingly be called the Impressionists and the inventor of the term critic Louis Leroy, of course, do not bypass their attention and Berthe Morisot. He wrote, for example: "This young lady is not interested in the image fine details. When she writes it, she makes exactly as many long strokes as her fingers and be done with it". But the first lady-impressionist will be surprisingly resistant to criticism, persistent in conviction, and bold in manner of writing.

Berthe Morisot becomes a party to 7 of the impressionist exhibitions from 8 – just one time she will not send their works for the exhibition, because it will have to wait for the birth of her daughter. Never in dire need of money and not being tied to the sale of paintings, she supports her friends Monet, Renoir, Pissarro, Sisley, cézanne in the most desperate projects. As for example, in 1875, when taken to the extreme poverty Impressionists decide to make the auction, Bert will offer 12 of their work for this event. The paintings go under the hammer for a pittance.

Many years in the house of Bertha and Eugene every Thursday for dinner will gather the closest friends Degas, Monet, Renoir, mallarmé, Caillebotte. Never here to discuss a dubious affair and do not lead to petty disputes, even sharp-tongued Degas rests exclusively polite. Next to a restrained, intelligent, persistent, brilliant beautiful Bertha Morisot seemed impossible to say and do stupid things and meanness.

In 1878 the artist was born the daughter of Julie – and with the advent of the world by Berthe Morisot gets a new hero and a new dimension. Now it becomes clear: its an artistic task even more difficult than that of other Impressionists. Monet frantically looking light and air, Degas carefully explores the movement of the human body, and Morisot writes quite elusive light and movement of the soul. "Painting is needed in order to capture something passing" - said Bertha. And eagerly watched your daughter grow up, passionately catching the attitudes and gestures of loved ones.

Had Bertha Morisot to worry about and two big losses that took away her part of the soul and changed as an artist: in 1883 died Edward Manet, and in 1892 – Eugene Manet.

She loved white and black dresses worn by the fan and the hats, it never occurred to me to dress up in male costume on the example of emancipated female writer George sand, to prove their right to work and recognition. In 1892, her painting was bought by the state. And when in 1895 the friends of Morisot received the news of her death, it was a real shock. It was the most inscrutable, brilliant and irreplaceable woman for each of them.

Author: Anna Sidelnikova

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