Masterpieces of Impressionism: Curto Collection

Exhibition September 9 − December 14, 2019
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art presents exhibition "Masterpieces of Impressionism: Curto Collection". The exposition included about 60 paintings and sculptures, such as "People Playing Cards" by Paul Cezanne and "Never" by Paul Gauguin.

Curto's Museum opened in 1932 and its collection has been compiled by Samuel Kortold Curto, a businessman with an exceptional aesthetic taste. A textile manufacturer and passionate art collector founded the institute. He hatched the idea from the beginning of the 1920s, talked with the University of London for a long time about this, but could not find a place. As a result, after the death of his wife, he transferred his house in London to the already established institute - a beautiful 18th-century mansion built by architect Robert Adam for 50 years. Samuel donated most of his collection to the institute and a significant amount of money for the construction of the gallery. However, the textile worker himself did not live to see his dream come true - he died in 1947, and the gallery only opened in 1958. However, the collection was distant - both from the institute and from central London, which created some inconvenience. In addition, the lease term expired in the 80s. As a result, it was decided to transfer the institute and the collection to the vacated Somerset House, and since then it has been located here.