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Exhibition May 9 − September 11, 2018
Football and not only
For the World Cup - 2018, the State Tretyakov Gallery timed the exhibition «Football and not only». The exhibits were sculptural and pictorial works of the 1920s-1990s from the gallery’s own collection.

The works included in the exposition are located in the permanent exposition halls, some of the works are also placed in the halls of the museum. This project introduces visitors as with unique, rarely exhibited sculptures («Pole vault» THEM. Chaikov, «Swimmer» A.G. Pologovoy, «Sand Race» J. Soans, and others), and with works that have long been considered sculptural and pictorial classics («Girl with a paddle» I.D. Shadra, «Sportswoman» M.G. Manizer, «Hockey players» THEM. Chaikov, «Goalkeeper» A.A. Deineki, «Pushball» P.V. Kuznetsova). The exhibition allows to evaluate the significance of the topic of sport in the overall picture of artistic life.

If, at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, sport was the sole occupation of the aristocracy and the wealthy class, then after the October Revolution the situation changed - in Soviet Russia during the first post-revolutionary decades, physical education became a popular and widespread form of leisure. The theme of sport is becoming one of the main and in the visual arts.

The exhibition allows you to trace how the trends have changed in Soviet and Russian sports and what kind of physical activity was popular in a decade.

Based on the materials of the official site The State Tretyakov Gallery.
All artworks at the exhibition