Norway • 1847−1906
Frits Thaulov (Norv. Frits Thaulov, October 20, 1847, Christiania (Oslo), Norway – 5 Nov 1906, Volendam, Netherlands) – Norwegian landscape painter, who painted in the styles of realism and impressionism. Thaulov became famous after the world exhibition in Paris in 1889, thanks to its winter landscapes. The artist traveled extensively in search of picturesque places in different countries, but often lived in France. After reviewing the work of the Impressionists Thaulov begins to pay much attention to the light and air in their works. In 1880, the artist opened the first Academy of the open air in the Norwegian municipality of Modum. Thaulov was friends and worked with many famous artists, including Valentin Serovand By Konstantin Korovin.

Features of the artist Fritz Taulava: at the beginning of his artistic career (including during training at the Copenhagen Academy of fine arts Carl Frederick sørensen) Thaulov for the most part wrote seascapes. In the future, the artist often depicted the water, paying much attention to the light reflections on its surface. After admiration of impressionism Thaulov writes only in the open air, he often works in the quiet, little known corners of France and Norway. Paintings depicting these places, the artist considered the best in his work.

Famous paintings of Fritz Taulava: "The factory building next to the frozen river", "Village street in France", "On the Grand canal in Venice", "Water mill", "Snow Bay".

Author: Eugene Sidelnikov
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