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Nude Art

6,685 artworks, 1,251 artists
Works of art depicting nudity belong to the nude genre. It praises the beauty of the human body, without crossing the border of vulgarity and platitude. In this section, Arthive collected for you nude paintings created by modern artists from different countries.

The history of the genre

The first images of human nudity appeared in the distant past. Those included the world famous pagan figurines, which served as symbols of fertility. The ancient Greeks, who attached great importance to the physical fitness of man, regularly held sports, in which athletes had to perform naked to show the audience the beauty of their muscles. The winners and the most famous athletes were depicted on mosaics, wall and ceramic paintings, they posed for sculptors.

In the Middle Ages, art was subject to the rules established by the church. The image of a completely naked body was forbidden, and the situation lasted until the beginning of the Renaissance era. Artists of that time painted nudity, placing it in the centre of a historical, mythological or allegorical subject. Vivid examples of the works of that era are paintings by such masters as Titian, Correggio, Giorgione.

In the following centuries, nude painting developed in accordance with the prevailing moral and ethical views in society. So, art lovers who lived in the Baroque era had a chance to admire modern nude paintings by Rubens, who preferred ample curves. F. Boucher, who represented the rococo style, painted nudity, endowing his subjects with sensuality, grace, coquetry. The supporters of classicism tried to return the canons of beauty characteristic of the ancient era to the whole art, and in particular, to the nude genre.

Modern nude painting

Today, paintings depicting beautiful nudity enjoy well-deserved attention of collectors and art historians. A variety of styles and directions, as well as a huge range of fine arts tools offer artists, authors of modern nude paintings, ample opportunities for the realization of their ideas.
In galleries and private collections, you can see paintings created with oil paints, gouache, pastel, watercolour and even ink. Each of them is filled with admiration and awe before the mystery of the human body; the names that the authors give to their works deserve special attention: these names allow you to fully reveal the idea of the picture and discern hidden meanings.

A large selection of contemporary nude paintings by artists from Europe, Asia and America has been prepared by Arthive specifically for true connoisseurs of painting. In this section, you will find an exciting meeting with strangers — beautiful ladies and athletic men, and each one is ready to tell you his story, filled with riddles and secrets.