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Vasilyevich Shibnev


Biography and information


Damian Vasilievich Shibnev - a native of Mariupol. He received his initial art education at the art school of the Odessa Society of Fine Arts. In 1903 he entered the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. His mentors were I.E. Repin and P.P. Chistyakov. Within the walls of the Academy, a tendency to landscape art was manifested. The extraordinary abilities of the pupil were noticed by A.N. Benois, the most authoritative critic of those years.


In the academic years Damian Shibnev visited Paris, where he got acquainted with the work of the Impressionists. Parisian impressions determined his path in art.


The year 1910 was marked by the successful completion of the Academy of Arts. The talent of the painter and his creative abilities were revealed in the thesis "Hot" ("Bathing Boys").


Further biography of the artist is connected with Kerch. Brilliant works were created here, among which there are many Kerch landscapes. They were successfully exhibited at Crimean art exhibitions along with paintings by recognized masters of painting: Samokish, Bogaevsky, Voloshin.


Shibnev took part in the design of the exhibition of Kerch fisheries at the 1st All-Russian Agricultural Exhibition in Moscow. On behalf of the People's Commissariat for Education, he made a series of sketches of the southern coast of Crimea. He participated in the organization of art studios in army clubs, and organized subbotniks at home, at which local artists improved their skills.


Many years of activity of the talented painter Damian Vasilievich Shibnev (1881-1930) is connected with the Kerch Museum. He came to Kerch with his family in 1911. Before the revolution, he taught drawing and calligraphy at local gymnasiums, then worked at the museum. To a large extent, his works in 1922 at the Archaeological Museum for the first time created an art gallery, which he was in charge of.


With the establishment of Soviet power in the Crimea, D. V. Shibnev took a direct part in the formation of the collection of works of art in the museum through the proceeds of the campaign to remove art from private property. However, the Kerch Art Museum was not developed at that time and in 1925 it was abolished due to the fact that, according to the CRIMEA OHRIS "... art collections scattered in different museums of the Crimea, sometimes in their small number (although they make up a different museum) are too weak interest for viewing and scientific or artistic productivity, concentrated in one or few but large museums, these collections combined would give many times more interest in all respects. tyre: Simferopol, Yalta, Sevastopol and Feodosia. " Thus, art museums in Yevpatoriya, Kerch, Sudak and Alushta should fall away. Where exactly the Kerch meeting was transferred, as well as its content has not yet been established.


Damian Vasilievich continued his scientific and artistic activities in the museum, leaving a good memory of himself. He made magnificent sketches of archaeological sites. The surviving drawings are still successfully used in the exposition and exhibition work of the historical and cultural reserve.


Damian Vasilievich Shibnev passed away in the prime of his life. A posthumous exhibition, which took place in 1936 at the Academy of Fine Arts, was evidence of recognition of his pictorial talent. It presented more than a hundred works, many of which were received in state and private collections, including the Russian Museum, Brodsky’s Apartment Museum and others. A modest part of Shibnev’s artistic heritage is located in the Kerch State Historical and Cultural Reserve. (Senior Researcher

Department of funds KGIKZ E. A. Noskova)

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