Prokofievich Lekarenko

Russia • 1895−1978

Biography and information

Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR. Honored artist of the RSFSR.

Familiarity Lekarenko painting took place in the Krasnoyarsk art school, he was among the disciples of the first set. Had Lekarenko great teachers and at the St. Petersburg school of the "society of encouragement of arts", which he did in 1912. Is N. Roerich, A. Rylov, And I. Bilibin. They have had a good influence on the development of the talent of the young artist. He studied Andrew lekarenko successful, his compositional work and studies have paid attention and not once has commended N. Roerich. And in VKhUTEMAS Lekarenko studied with no less revered teachers - Vladimir Favorsky and Pyotr Konchalovsky. After teaching at VKhUTEMAS Lekarenko returned to Krasnoyarsk. He, like Karatani, wants to know the region in its entirety. In 1925 travels around the Republic, and after two goals went to the Arctic, exploring the life of the peoples of the North, collects folklore, making sketches. More than two years wandering artist on deer and dogs in the wilderness of the Taimyr Peninsula from camp to camp. A trip to the North of the region was a significant stage in the creative biography of the artist. The display at the exhibition brought works were the first major speech in front of the audience. In the far North, the artist has found one of its themes. Severe nature, courageous people for life remained in his memory, and Lekarenko from time to time returned to the memories of the Arctic, which is reflected in many of his works. This "Evenki Hunters," "Shepherds of the Taimyr Peninsula, Camp on the river Jangada", "In the lower reaches of the Yenisei", "stopover. Taimyr". "Girls, nanasaki", "On the Taimyr Peninsula. Nganasans", "Shepherds-reindeer from Taimyr", "at work in the tent", "tundra in the summer. Taimyr" and more. In 1946, at the Republican and then the all-Union art exhibition "Victory" exhibited his landscapes "Morning on Yenisei", "In the lower reaches of the Yenisei, and Taimyr. The Nganasan". The post-war period the most fruitful in the creative biography of the artist. In those years, in addition to the North loop, there is a large series of landscape paintings, which traced two lines, the epic and lyrical, figurative interpretation of nature. Such works as "Eastern Sayan", "foothills of the Eastern Sayan", "Belogorye", "Bobinski pass", "pine and given," "the Fog" and a number of others, is a landscape of epic sounding. But not only in the epic style reveals the nature Lekarenko. Many of his landscapes have a lyrical character. It - "Twilight of the Yenisei", "Feb. Forest landscape", "Old aspen", "Beginning of spring", "Evening" and more. A. P. Lekarenko many worked in the portrait genre. Created among them can be called a series of self-portraits, a wonderful portrait of D. I. Karatanova, in pen and ink, where the artist gave the character of Dmitry Innokentievich. Of particular interest are full-scale sketches of the northerners: "Munto Nganasan, Nganasan Sundance", "Silkin Nenets, Nganasans Eptadone", "Nganasans in sacue", "Nenets Boy semen". Fruitful pedagogical work of Andrei Prokofievich, the government said the order "badge of Honor", and for achievements in the arts, he was awarded the title of honored artist of the RSFSR.

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