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Andreevich Malyavin
Biography and information

Born in the village Kazanka. From 1885 was a novice in the monastery of St. Panteleimon on Athos and worked there in the icon-painting Studio. Sculptor Vasectomised, visited on Athos in 1891, drew attention to his work and persuaded to move to St. Petersburg, where Malyavin studied at the Academy of arts. Participated in exhibitions of the Association of the Wanderers" and "World of art", was a member of the Union of Russian artists". From 1900 he lived mostly in the manor near the village of aksinyino near Ryazan, down to Petersburg and Moscow 1918 moved to Ryazan, and in 1920 in Moscow. Was delegated to the "Union of Russian artists" in the Kremlin.

Posted in 1922 for the device of the personal exhibitions abroad, settled in Paris and later moved to nice. Once in 1940 in Brussels during the German occupation of Belgium, was arrested on suspicion of espionage. Died December 23, 1940.

F. A. Malyavin was born into a large peasant family. At the age of sixteen the young man went to mount Athos Orthodox monastery of St. Panteleimon and almost six years he was a novice, worked in the monastery’s icon painting workshop.

In 1891 the work of self-taught artist saw Century sculptor A. Beklemishev, visited Athos. He invited Malyavin in St. Petersburg, were settled. In 1892, a former monastic iconographer began to attend lectures at the faculty of painting AH. After the reform of AH in 1894, when there was opened the workshop of I. E. Repin, Malyavin became his disciple.

Already early work Malyavin — portraits of peasants ("Peasant girl with a stocking", 1895; "the old Woman", 1898) or classmates artist Repin’s Studio (I. E. Grabar, K. A. Somov, A. P. Ostroumova) — brought him fame. Canvases of young academics acquired for the gallery P. M. Tretyakov, wrote about them in the Newspapers.

Very soon, the artist began to perform and spectacular portraits to order. Real sensation produced picture Malyavin "Laughter" (1899). Written as a competitive works, it portrayed a Russian woman in the red dress on a green meadow. Unusually vivid color, wide, sweeping manner of writing is interesting and contentious. The Council of professors OH rejected this picture and the title of the artist Malavenu was given for a series of portraits.

However, sent in 1900 at the world exhibition in Paris "Laugh" was awarded a gold medal, and a year later acquired by Venetian Museum of modern art. In foreign Assembly has been following a large canvas of the artist — "Three women" (1901−02), it acquired the Luxembourg Museum in Paris. 1900-s became the period of the flowering of the talent of Malyavin, at this time he makes his best work: "a Woman in yellow", "the Girl" (both 1903), "Two girls" (1910) and other peasant women in colorful dresses are the main characters in the works Malyavin.

Traditional Russian painting of the folk theme, the artist came in his way, focusing powerful natural origin in female images, giving them the monumentality. Bold painting service with its conventional backgrounds, the prominent figures, shallow space and extremely loud color — decorative. But in the beginning of XX century it was often regarded as a kind of challenge.

Painting "Whirlwind", shown in 1906, the exhibition Association "World of art", was seen by contemporaries in direct connection with the revolutionary mood of the era. It should be noted that in the paintings Malyavin for the first time since ancient iconography was heard in full force red. In 1900 Malyavin bought the mansion not far from Ryazan and settled there with his family.

In 1906 tridtsatiletnej artist, not having even a General education, was elected academician and went on a three-year trip abroad. After returning home, Malyavin once again forced to talk about themselves. The exhibition CPX in January 1911, he showed great "Family portrait", which critics unanimously acknowledged artistic failure. Since then the artist rarely exhibited their paintings. However, he continued to work intensively. Wrote custom portraits, many worked in the field of easel graphics, doing basically the same portraits or pictures of peasant women. Here was especially manifested his gift of a painter, excellent command of living and exact line.

In 1918 Malyavin with family settled in Ryazan, engaged in teaching. In 1920 he moved to Moscow, and in 1922 he went abroad for the device there own exhibitions. He settled in Paris where in the gallery Charpentier in 1924 was successfully held an exhibition of his works. Picturesque and graphic works Malyavin those years invariably devoted to the Russian theme, often acquiring grotesque interpretation. He addresses and to landscapes, portraits. His most famous portraits ballerina A. M. Balashova (1924) and singer N. Century Plevitskaya (1929). In the 1930s, Malyavin lot has been organizing its own exhibitions in different cities of Europe. The second world war saw the artist in Brussels. Who knew no foreign languages, Malyavin was detained by the occupying power, accused of espionage, but later released. Seventy-year-old artist was forced to walk to nice, where at that time was his house. Soon Malyavin died.

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Philip Andreevich Malyavin. Laughing woman
Laughing woman
Philip Andreevich Malyavin
1910, 116×102 cm
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Philip Andreevich Malyavin. Two peasant women
Philip Andreevich Malyavin. Plowing
Philip Andreevich Malyavin. Dance
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