Ivanovich Petrovichev

Russia • 1879−1947

Biography and information

Soviet painter, landscape painter.

He studied at the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture (1892-1903) by I. I. Levitan and V. Serov. Member of the Association of traveling art exhibitions and the Union of Russian artists (since 1911; the Exhibitor 1905).

Petrovichev's works are imbued with a poetic assertion of the beauty of mother nature and pre-Petrine architecture; broad brushwork thick impasto brush strokes and a few muted twilight colors give the scenery a certain severity ("Rostov the Great", 1912, Russian Museum, Leningrad; "fall River", 1926, Tretyakov gallery).

Petr Ivanovich Petrovichev was born on 6 (19) November 1879y. in the village of Vysokovo Podikizhi parish Rostov region. He began to draw early, so his father sent him to the Rostov Museum of Church Antiquities, where he was preparing for the opening of "carved" school. An important role was played by I. S. Shlyakov, one of the founders of the Museum. Time work Petrovicheva in the Museum (1890-1892гг.) was decisive in the artist's life. Here he gained skills in craftsmanship, the Museum was his meeting with V. V. Vereshchagin. The venerable painter advised the young man to get a professional art education, and later helped to settle in Moscow. In 1892. Petrovichev entered the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture. Since landscape class in 1898. studied under Isaac Levitan, 1900. after the death of a famous landscape painter A. M. Vasnetsov. He graduated from the school in 1903. with a silver medal and the title of "class artist".

While at the College, Petrovich begins to participate in exhibitions. In 1899 he shows his work at the XIX Periodical exhibition of the Moscow society of lovers of the arts, held in the Historical Museum. This was the first performance of the young artist at the professional exhibition. In 1901. it shows three scenes at the XXIV the exhibition of the Peredvizhniki group. His participation was noted by the critics, and the landscape of "Late night" was reproduced in the magazine "World of art". In 1902. Petrovich takes part in St. Petersburg exhibition of the magazine "World of art" with 7 paintings, including the landscape "After the rain" - was acquired by the gallery of P. M. and S. M. Tretyakov.

1904. Petrovichev constant participant of exhibitions of "Union of Russian artists", a member of which became in 1910. In February, 1906. at the annual General meeting of the Association of traveling art exhibitions 19th votes of the 25 selected members of the Partnership. In the same year took part in organized by S. P. Diaghilev, the Russian art exhibition in Paris. The Paris newspaper wrote: "Korovin, p., Roerich, Huon - landscape, seeking thrills and expressing them with rare harmony".

1910. P. I. Petrovichev takes part in the XXXVIII exhibition of the Association of traveling art exhibitions (in Moscow and St. Petersburg) and in the VII exhibition of paintings "Union of Russian artists". For the first time a large part of the exhibited paintings was dedicated to Rostov. In 1911. architectural landscapes and interiors of P. I. Petrovichev was acquired by the gallery of P. M. and S. M. Tretyakov, Alexander III Museum and the Museum of the Academy of arts.

In 1917. he held his first solo exhibition Petrovicheva, which was exhibited from 7 October to 5 November at the Artistic salon on Bolshaya Dmitrovka, where he regularly held exhibitions of "Union of Russian artists". "Petrovichev sums up two decades of work and has now collected over two hundred and fifty paintings. This employee is persistent, sincere, and skillful enough - was written by A. M. Efros, but rotating in a very small range of motifs and techniques that he was like hypnotized by some special love, repeats tirelessly year after year in different ways... However, one new sign is in the recent works of Petrovichev: his landscapes have become obaldennie, wider, built large silhouette of the masses".

After the exhibition, in November 1917. Petrovichev married Olga Petrovna Mathisen. The wedding took place in the Church of the Nativity in Putinki in Malaya Dmitrovka.

In 1924. at the exhibition of Russian art in new York was represented by eleven works Petrovicheva, and the film "Rostov the Great. Autumn" reproduced in the exhibition catalogue. In the 1927-1928. Petrovichev involved in the organization of the new society "the Unification of realist artists" (PU), the exhibition which showcases their work. In 1936. he took part in the first exhibition of landscape painters, organized in Moscow, where he exhibited 15 of his paintings. In 1937-1943 he taught painting and drawing at the Moscow regional art school memory 1905. During the war he participated in night duty, digging ditches, building fences, was awarded the medal "For valiant labor in the great Patriotic war."

In 1944 Petrovichev was 70 years old. In connection with the anniversary of the artist staff of the State Tretyakov gallery approached him with words of welcome. The Board of the Moscow Union of Soviet artists also noted this date as the address, signed by S. V. Gerasimov.

24 April in the Central House of workers of arts opened a personal exhibition Petrovicheva, which exhibited 147 works. In may was held the evening dedicated to the 70th birthday and 50-th anniversary of creative activity.

4 Jan 1947, Petr Ivanovich Petrovichev 73-year died and was buried in the cemetery Vagankovsky.