Dmitrievich Pokazhevsky

Russia • 1889−1968

Biography and information

Painter. Graduated from the Higher courses in St. Petersburg. OH (1909). Since 1922 he lived and worked in Moscow. Since 1923, a member of AHRR. From 1937 Professor of Moscow. in-TA Fig. arts. Genre paintings, portraits, landscapes – the "Red watch" (1923), "Anxiety" (1925), "Troopers" (1928), "Kyrgyz girl in a wedding dress" (1928), "the Letter" (1940), "Kreml" (1941), "Weaver" (1943), "the Bridge" (1950), "Baikal" (1955), etc.

(1889, Kherson province. – 1968, Moscow)

He studied at the evening courses of drawing in Elizavetgrad F. Kazachinskoe, in the Kiev art school (1906-1909), Higher art courses at the Academy of fine arts with J. Tsionglinskogo, G. Zaleman, N. Samokish (1909-1916).

Member of the Association "Genesis" (1922 ), AHRR (1923 ). Organized by the State art workshops in Tula, was in charge of them and taught (1920-1922 ).

Created the Tula art Museum and worked in it (1920-1922 ). In 1922 he moved to Moscow, worked for the publishing house "Young guard". The main focus of creativity was a genre painting on contemporary themes, made in the traditional realistic manner. In 1928 P. D. pokarzhevskii traveled to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, the result is a picture of national life in these regions. Since 1937 P. D. pokarzhevskii Professor MGHI them. V. I. Surikov. Pro-extermination of the artist are in the Tretyakov gallery, the State Russian Museum, Tula art Museum and many other museums.